Thursday, December 4, 2008

Generation We - the Millennials

Today 6% of the workforce is made up of Millennials (@1980-2000).

By 2018 - it will be 43% - the largest block.

Boomers will drop from 50% to 24%.

GenX will drop for 38% to 33%.

In the next five years 60% of current CEO will be retired.

If you didn't notice the ground shift on November 4th - you were asleep.

By 2016 Millennials will be the largest voting block. They won't stay home for this next election - in fact they are getting ready NOW. They have good reason too - and - they think they can make a difference.

Is your company or organization ready? If you haven't already begun to introduce these kids into your leadership circles - you may be too late to get their attention.

At the recent CoreNet Global Summit we learned that Boeing has begun to design new facilities for the Jr. High kids that will be filling them when these buildings come on line in the next ten years.

Watch the video. If you are worried about these "slackers" who show no respect and want weekends and an occasional Tuesday off - don't be.

Generation WE: The Movement Begins... from Generation We on Vimeo.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Xobni, Mindmap, Anagram and Ijot

This video shares some great productivity tools. I am an avid user of Mindmap and will now add Mindmap to my presentations.

Tips for presentations, creative thinking, searching for hidden information, how to add meta-tags to Outlook or Address to quickly find the person you want, how to monitor where you spend most of your time on your computer...

Great for Windows - not for Apple users.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

CoreNet Global Summit - Orlando

Dean Strombom from Gensler, Mark Iammarino from Truner and myself will introduce Mindshift to CoreNet. 

I've included our PowerPoint. It is hosted at Slideshare. If you go to the site you will find the notes for each slide can download the presentation. 

Principle 1 - Trust-Based Teams
Principle 2 - Getting it Right Up Front
Principle 3 - Built-in Sustainability
Principle 4 - Continuous Improvement

Key 1 - Big BIM
Key 2 - Lean Project Delivery (or similar)
Key 3 - Shared Risk/Reward
Key 4 - Off-site Fabrication
Key 5 - Workplace Performance Improvement
Operation Mindshift Corenet 08
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: align toyota)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Gensler's Releases its 2008 Workplace Survey

Here is the release of Gensler's 2008 Workplace Survey. 

As a bonus I've also included BusinessWeek's Podcast on Innovation; featuring an interview with Diane Hoskins overview of the survey: "Can a Well Designed Space Pay Off?"

The report was previewed a few weeks ago at the following link: WPI Preview.  

Gensler begins to address the Holy Grail that well designed spaces do improve company performance. This is more than a report for "true believers." It is a tool to put in the hands of any corporate executive. 

So - spread the word. Dowload the PDF and listen to the audio. It is especially pertinant during this downturn when every executive is looking for a means to boost company performance. 

Diane makes it clear in the interview. Good design is not the same as expensive design. The report is myth busting when it comes to general impressions about opting for Good Design vs. Low Cost Design.

It is a mindshift worth exploring.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

International Design Symposium and Tribes

I'm returning from presenting and attending the 2008 International Design Summit at Ringling Collenge in Sarasota. I presented with Joe Tankersly, a colleague from Disney Imagineering. Susan Szenasy, senior editor for Metropolis, conducted a panel discussion Monday on the BIM revolution. The link above will lead you to the video of that and other sessions.

Ringling is an impressive design college, perhaps the most technologically advanced. Many of Pixar's animators and production talent come out of the school. 

The theme was visual, social and mobile. Leaders from Google, Microsoft, Autodesk, XPlane, Adobe, Walter Bender with Sugarlabs, Businessweek, Dopplr, ATT, Nearfield, Reelfx, Dollar App, IDEO and elasticspace presented. A pretty incredible draw. The venue allowed a good bit of interaction with the different presenters.

Here is the presentation that Joe and I offered.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recruiting the CRE-Revolution Tribe

I'm recruiting a tribe to change the face of the commercial real estate industry. Here are the requirements:
  1. A desire to see fundamental change brought to the industry.
  2. Help reviewing and editing the manuscript for the book to be published by Wiley publishing this August.
  3. Securing an endorsement from your senior management for the book. That endorsement will be included in the book and with the marketing material.
  4. Spreading the blog and any information related to the revolution to your peers and friendly clients. 
  5. I would like you to attempt to put your comments on the chalkboard for our project management site. At the very least be able to access the site and download the chapters for review.  I will set up the site and give you a simple Login and Password.
  6. Begin collecting a list of potential tribe members so we can continue to build a buzz of interest.
This is why I need your help.
  1. My deadline for the manuscript is January 15. There are a lot of facts and details so I need help fact checking. Along with that I am including cost ranges and want to make sure anything we provide is defendable.
  2. I need stories to illustrate some of the points. 
  3. I need quick turn-around. If I send something out I need it reviewed and commented on within a week. If you don't have anything to offer I need an email that let's me know that this is not a chapter you can help with but will eagerly help on another.
  4. I will send out a request for a fact, information or a reference from time-to-time.
  5. I need you to spread the word to other early adopters who would enjoy following and becoming part of the wave.
Here is what you get:
  1. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the book. If you provide a specific quote or a story your name will be cited on that page. If you provide support proofing the chapters you will be cited on our shout to the tribe pages.
  2. If we receive a blurb from one of your senior management you will receive a free copy of the book.
  3. I am checking with the publisher if they will let me provide a free copy of the book to all who contribute. 
  4. You and your company will be able to pre-order copies of the book at 50% off. The retail price will be $39.95.
  5. You will also receive an exclusive "out takes" document that includes quotes and sections we did not have room to include.
To sign up I simply need you to respond by email and say; "I'm in."  

Once you sign up you will receive the book proposal and the the introduction with instructions for what I am looking for.
Chapter one should follow this weekend.

This is history making. There has never been a collaborative effort like this within our industry that will be published by a major publisher. It moves us all a little closer to tackling industry challenges using "crowdsourcing."

Welcome to the CRE-Tribe!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The End of the World As We Know It

This week's blog is long overdue. The world is moving too fast to digest  so I've found some other well digested material to offer. I've created a new term in honor of our financial meltdown. Instead of Other People's Money (OPM) I'll harness Other People's Content (OPC).

At the bottom of the blog you will find a PowerPoint with a very good overview of our financial crisis.

The conclusions for each report are similar. 2008 marks the end of an old era. Those who accurately see the new fundamentals and act will rise as new leaders. Those who hesitate, muddle or try to blend a mix of old and new will recede into marginal status. This is the time that weeds out leaders from caretakers. 

In the next blog I will provide details about a tribe I will form to help Mindshift write its book. If you know you want in before you have the details just reply to my email ( I'll call you with details.